June 22, 2015

Luke and James certainly had their work cut out for them when taking on an order for four 22,000 Litre Stainless Steel Water Tanks to be delivered to Paradise, Victoria.

12 sheets of Stainless were used, each just over 11 metres long.
It took the boys 3 weeks to get all four tanks assembled, sealed, tested, cleaned and ready for delivery.

It was going to take 2 massiveĀ trips to get all four tanks to their desination.
They begun their journey bright and early Friday morning with their sights set on Paradise.
Travelling 220 kms across Victoria they made their way through Ballarat, Miners Rest, Learmonth, Lexton, Avoca and Navarre before arriving on site with the first 2 tanks.
They then drove all the way back to Geelong, re-loaded the trailor commenced their expedition again!

15 hours and 880 kms Later all four tanks were in place and looking fantasitc!

The customer was over the moon with his Stainless Steel Water Tanks and indulged inĀ a cold beverage with the boys after a long and fulfilling day.

If you have any enquires about our Stainless Steel Water Tanks please do not hesitate to contact us.