Auzzie Wrinkly Tin Tanks, located in Geelong, Victoria are proud manufacturers of high quality stainless steel rainwater tanks, supplying to Ballarat and Australia-wide.

Stainless steel water tanks are becoming increasingly popular as more people discover the many advantages of stainless steel tanks, including:

  • strong and durable design, made to withstand the severest Australian conditions
  • potential service life of up to 100 years
  • 100 per cent recyclable
  • fire resistant
  • environmentally friendly
  • Auzzie Wrinkly Tin Tanks offer our customers a 30-year warranty on stainless steel rainwater tanks.

Some people may be deterred by the slight additional cost associated with stainless steel, but when you take reliability, service life and durability into account, the benefits in comparison to other materials become very clear.

Stainless steel water tanks will ultimately be the best value in the long run, which is why Auzzie Wrinkly Tin Tanks are proud to offer two different types for Geelong and Ballarat customers.

Grade 304 stainless steel water tanks

This is the same grade used in kitchen sinks. This type of water tank is perfect for storage of your drinking water supply. In fact, it is mandatory for stainless steel to be used in food and pharmaceutical processing plants, hospitals and other sterile areas – so you can rest assured that the quality of your water is second to none.

Grade 316 stainless steel water tanks

Grade 316 displays better overall corrosion-resistant properties than Grade 304, which is why it is very suitable for the harshest of marine coastal environments. One of the most unique abilities of stainless steel is its ability to self-heal. Stainless steel forms its own protective layer to defend against salt or chlorides, making it very resilient to corrosion.

Please contact our Geelong water tank experts for more information, or find out more about our slimline water tanks, available in Ballarat, Geelong and Australia-wide.