Install a slim line water tank

If space is an issue, an Auzzie Tin Wrinkly slimline water tank is the solution to your water storage problem.

Our slimline water tanks are designed to be tucked away down sideways or behind garden sheds, giving you the water storage you need without the bulk of a round water tank.

Auzzie Wrinkly Tin Tanks come in a wide variety of slimline water tank sizes – whatever your water storage needs, we will have a slimline tank that fits the bill!

Our Ballarat and Geelong slimline tanks are made from quality, durable galvanised or Colorbond steel and are built to last for a minimum of 20 years.

Auzzie Wrinkly Tin Tanks are also designed for optimum water flow with inlets and outlets that allow easy collection and distribution of water.

As well as slimline water tanks, Auzzie Wrinkly Tin Tanks can also supply round water tanks in Geelong and custom water tanks.

See our slimline tanks for yourself by visiting us at 395 Portarlington Road, Moolap, or talk to us to find out more by phoning (03) 5248 7422 or email.