Corrugated iron garden beds

Grow your family fresh veggies in corrugated iron raised garden beds – the easy way to establish a productive veggie patch in any backyard.

Auzzie Wrinkly Tin Tanks has an extensive range of raised garden beds, which also come in Colorbond steel – making them an attractive addition to your garden.

We can supply you with a corrugated iron raised garden bed of any shape or size.

Corrugated garden beds allow anyone to establish a raised vegetable garden bed, which allows you to properly condition even the poorest soil to optimise the success of your patch.

Our raised corrugated iron garden beds are also ideal for Ballarat and Geelong renters wanting to grow their own veggies in an environment that can be easily dismantled and reassembled at their next home.

If you want to grow a successful veggie patch full of healthy, organic produce for your family, talk to us about a corrugated iron garden bed today. Also ask us about our Geelong rainwater tanks.

Learn more about our Raised Garden Beds in our FAQs.

Do you have questions about our corrugated iron garden beds? Contact us today.