February 29, 2016

Auzzie Wrinkly Tin Tanks has been hard at work over the last four weeks manufacturing two large stainless steel water tanks for a Rural Property just outside of Warragul, Victoria.

One of the tanks built for our customer was 29,200 litres, which is the largest tank that Auzzie Wrinkly Tin Tanks has produced to date.
It measures 3100mm High and 3500mm Diameter.
The second tank was 2350mm high and 3500mm diameter holding 22,000 litres of rainwater.

This customer required these stainless steel tanks with a combined total of just over 50,000 litres for the sole purpose of supplying drinking water to his property.

Both of the water tanks were fitted with 316 grade stainless steel outlets and ball valves which is a marine strength grade of stainless steel.

The tanks on this property have been  set up using the gravity feeding system. In order to create more pressure through their household taps, the tanks have been placed further up a hill so that they are sitting higher than the house. Using this method removes the need to install pumps on the water tanks as the weight of the water creates greater pressure the higher the tanks are.

This customer runs cattle on his rural property and has now also enquired about purchasing more tanks from Auzzie Wrinkly Tin Tanks to meet his agricultural water storage needs.

If you have any questions about stainless steel water tanks please do not hesitate to contact our office on (03) 5248 7422.