July 11, 2016

This week at Auzzie Wrinkly Tin Tanks we manufactured and delivered a 20,000 litre Colorbond Steel, Aquaplate Water Tank to Brown Hill, Victoria which is not far from Ballarat.
Our customer required a tank that would meet CFA requirements and would also allow them to access the water supply for personal use.
The tank measures 2460mm High and 3300mm Diameter and was fitted with a 65mm (2.5 Inch) CFA Outlet.

This particular Bushfire Tank  was also requested to  have a Vortex Inhibator installed, which stops the water within the tank from swirling when its being extracted by the fire brigade’s high power hose.

The CFA Fitting was positioned at the base of the tank and an extra outlet ball valve at the 10,000 litre mark to enable the customer to use the tank water for things such as watering their garden, drinking, cooking and cleaning and still ensure the required amount 10,000 litres remains in the tank for fire fighting purposes and to comply with CFA requirements.

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