August 15, 2016

Drinking water, garden water, or just wanting a water tank, our stainless steel rain water tanks will meet every residential and industrial need.

This stainless steel slimline water tank is the ideal tank if you want to store pure clean rain water for drinking, cooking or just the garden. Its slimline shape makes it the perfect size to fit into those small spaces such as in a corner, under a window, behind a shed or under a deck. The fittings on this stainless steel water tank are nickel plated brass which is ideal for most places.

Stainless steel water tanks are all price calculated the same so there is no extra charge for “custom” sized tanks, this keeps the range of sizes endless and the price reasonable.

We make all of our stainless steel rain water tanks to size so we can help you with whatever you need.$_20 (1) $_20 $_20 (2) Contact us today for more information.