July 30, 2021

We are now past the halfway mark of winter which means it is time to start seriously planning for your luscious spring gardens!

If you have been considering moving to raised garden planters now is the perfect time to chat to one of our friendly office staff to gather all the information you need and get an order underway! We are offering an exclusive “Spring is Coming” Discount on all Raised Garden Beds that is only available to Blog post readers! So, if you are seeing this post and are placing an order for Raised Garden Beds before August 13th, 2021, please make sure you mention discount code SPRINGBLOG21 for 15% off your purchase!

Our garden beds take around 3 weeks from point of order to delivery so placing your orders between now and August 13th will allow plenty of time for you to receive your veggie beds and have them all prepped and ready to go for planting as soon as September hits!

We regularly get asked about the benefits of planting in raised garden beds compared to planting directly into the ground or even into pots and containers, so we have compiled a list of a few of the advantages to having your garden above ground!

  • Avoid back-breaking work: Growing in the ground can be a long way to bend down and can create strain on your body during the initial preparations of digging your garden and through to the ongoing maintenance while planting, weeding, and mulching your garden. Having your plants and veggies in a raised garden literally brings your garden to you and can customise the height of your garden beds to suit your needs.
  • Weeds: How persistent are they! Sometimes it feels impossible to rid your garden of these unwanted eyesores and the work and preparation that is required to avoid them taking over your beautiful garden is never ending. By extending the height your garden and filling them up with fresh, rich soil will alleviate the negative impacts of these interfering plants! You could even take it one step further and add a base to your garden bed completing shutting off any possibility of them intruding into your garden.
  • Soil Quality: Most of the time the soil that we already have in our yards is lacking in all the nutrients required to kick start your vegetable growing journey and you can spend an endless amount of time and money amending the composition of your soil in the form of compost, powders, and other organic additions just to get something to grow! With a raised garden bed, you can choose the soil you want to use and have confidence that the quality is suitable for your plants!
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Once your raised planters are filled with good soil there is no real need to worry about cultivating your garden with heavy machinery ever again! You will still want to pop in some compost regularly but other than that, just light mixing with hand tools such as a fork or trowel will be required, simple!
  • Longevity: Having raised garden beds made from corrugated steel will provide you with a sturdy and reliable home for your garden for decades to come and wont rot or decay like their wooden counterparts.
  • Plant Growth: You can plan your garden size to suit what you are wanting to grow so there a lower risk of stunting the growth of your plants with limited space and by having the freedom of choosing the height of your garden bed also provides opportunity for your plants to grow their roots as deep as they like!
  • Restricted Space: We can build our round raised garden beds as small as 800mm Diameter and our slimline raised garden beds start from 1000mm Long x 600mm Wide so if you are residing somewhere that doesn’t have much space available, but you are desperate to put your green thumb to use, Raised Garden Beds are an ideal choice for you! With the addition of a base, they can be placed on any firm, flat and level surface enabling you to place them onto timber decks or even on paved or concrete paths and court yards!
  • Watering: Although having a raised planter box may mean that your soil can dry out faster resulting in more frequent watering of your plants, there is also the option to turn your veggie bed into a wicking bed or self-watering system and we already have a post detailing this process which you can read here.
  • Pests and Pets: Having a tall garden restricts access to your household pet from chewing your plants and keeps out other common garden pests and vermin’s.

To summarise, Raised Bed Gardening allows you to have complete control over your garden from the size of the planter to the soil used, the plants, the watering, the weeds, even the bugs and being able to restrict access to local pests and your beloved pets!